The royal tiara is an artifact used by female members of the Cerinian Royal Family. There are typically two versions of this artifact; one given to princesses and one given to queens. The princess' tiara is gold in color and made of linked round disks with a ruby-like gem in the center. As the princess grows, additional disks are added so that the tiara will continually fit throughout her life. Once the princess is coronated and becomes a queen, the tiara is relegated to storage until it is needed again. The tiara worn by the queen is similar in design, but is platinum in color and has a solid band instead of a modular disk design and a jade-green gem. The queen's tiara is also custom-made for a specific queen; when she dies, the tiara is buried along with her. This tiara is also named after the queen it was made for, the princess tiaras are not given names due to them being reused for successive princesses. In Ken's stories, there are only two examples known to exist; the princess tiara worn by Krystal (as seen in Star Fox Adventures), and the "Kurisutaru" queen tiara named after Krystal's mother. The former is worn by Krystal when she leaves her doomed homeworld and during her adventures on Sauria. The Kurisutaru tiara was smuggled into Krystal's belongings by her mother prior to her departure, her mother having been told about the imminent demise of their world by the Cerinian Oracle. Krystal later discovers the second tiara during Reflections of Krystal and is overcome with emotion at the discovery. She later wears the tiara during the events of Star Fox Assault to honor her mother, as well as off & on throughout the events of the successive Reflections stories. Reflections of a New Generation introduced a third royal tiara; a duplicate of the Kurisutaru tiara belonging to Kursed when she was transported from her own dimension, though she rarely wears it. The royal tiara is also made from the same material as the Cerinian staff, making it extremely durable, even capable of deflecting high-power sniper rounds, as shown in Reflections of Regret when Krystal is shot by an automated sentry turret, the round deflecting off her tiara with minor damage, leaving Krystal with little more than a headache from the force of the impact. Fox McCloud recovered the round and was impressed that the round failed to penetrate the tiara even though the round was diamond-coated.