The Cloud Runner is the personal space fighter owned and operated by Krystal. It appears primarily in Reflections of Regret and serves as her main means of transport during the time she spent living on her own as a result of the breakup between her and Fox McCloud shown in Star Fox Command. In addition to the ships' combat abilities, it also features a cabin in the main fuselage, connected to the cockpit by a short crawlspace, the cockpit being depicted as having room for two people to fit comfortably, as shown when Darius Vai has a conversation with Krystal while she is piloting the craft. The amenities in the cabin are all recessed into the bulkheads to conserve space and include a fold-away Murphy bed, clothing-laundering system, and food storage & preparation area. Later in the story, when Krystal leaves Lylat out of frustration and anger at public opinion over her behavior after parting ways with Fox, the vessel becomes her home for two years while hunting Octoman.

The Cloud Runner, as seen in Star Fox Command. The cabin is in the central section of the hull, behind the cockpit.