The Cerinian Shuttle is a short-range spacecraft used by the inhabitants of the planet Cerinia. It is a multipurpose vessel which was used for transport, research, and other non-combat roles. After Cerinia's sun failed as a result of Dr. Andross Oikonny's experimentation, a fleet of these vessels was launched from Cerinia in order to find a means to save their world. All but one of these shuttles was destroyed when the sun went supernova and destroyed the whole system. The pilot of this remaining shuttle, Krystal, became one of the few survivors of her race. She would later make her way to the Lylat System, where she recieved a distress signal originating from one of the outermost planets named Sauria. After arriving on Sauria and becoming involved in the struggle between the local inhabitants and a dictator named General Scales, Krystal's shuttle would fall into the hands of the Sharpclaw dinosaur tribe under Scales' command. Following Scales' defeat, Krystal reclaimed her shuttle and used it to reach the Great Fox in orbit above Sauria in order to thank Fox McCloud for saving her life. Krystal would subsequently join the Star Fox team, and as such flew the Arwing fighter most of the time, though did pilot her shuttle when she accompanied Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi to Corneria to meet General Pepper in Reflections of Krystal. This was the last time Krystal's shuttle would appear in the stories, as it was lost when the Great Fox was destroyed during the Aparoid War in Star Fox Assault. A second Cerinian Shuttle appeared in the later stories, piloted by Kursed. This shuttle was modified to use the Spellstones from her dimension's version of Sauria as a power source. Upon arriving in the new dimension, the Spellstones reversed polarity and tore the shuttle apart, at least one part of it crash-landing on Titania where it would remain undisturbed until Fox and Marcus McCloud came to retrieve the files from the shuttle's onboard computer in Reflections of Marcus McCloud. Both shuttles (and presumably all Cerinian Shuttles by extension) had a full computer database containing detailed files on Cerinia, making it an invaluable source of information on the extinct planet and the history and culture of its' inhabitants.