Carmen Cooper

Carmen Cooper in her mother's red coat

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Carmen CooperEdit

Teenage daughter of Sly Cooper and Carmelita Fox-Cooper during the timeline of Dawn of Progeny. Unbeknownst to her brother or her parents, she works with Kalen Vai for a government agency. She works alongside of the new Cooper Gang for a while until Conner is injured in a battle against Jasper Cunningham. Conner spends the rest of the story searching for his family, unsure of their survival.

Carmen is seen at the beginning of the story in her mother's red coat and hat, worn by Carmelita Fox in a bonus cartoon shortstory unlocked by playing through Sly3, Honor Amongst Thieves. Inspiration for the character stemmed from the character, Carmen Isabella Sandiego , who also wears a red coat with a government agency background crossed with a history of theft. Carmen is written to look like her mother, Carmelita Fox, but with the fur coloration of her father, Sly Cooper. Therefore she has the body, facial structure and tail of a vixen but the markings of a raccoon. She has completed the Master Thief Trials under her father's tutelage but returned the family cane, considering it a burdon and too great of a responsibility. While a teenager, she is a legal adult by age. She is deeply in love with her constituant, Agent Kalen Vai.

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